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SmartHomeDesk.com is a customer supported website. All the researches we do as well as picking out related products, testing them, and reviewing are aimed to ease your life. So you don’t need to waste lots of time evaluating the market, we do our best to look for the most trendy and comfy furniture instead of you. You are welcome to check out our reviews and buyers’ guides to choose the product you want.

We spend solid time on testing the goods first before we make up a review. We go through the modern market to find the home design ideas that you would like (as we would). Everybody wants to know what he/she pays for and why that’s why we are here to introduce you to a list of great reviews based on real customers’ feedbacks.

We offer furniture using trusted platforms like Amazon.com to be sure of the product’s quality and warranty. So when you read a review and click the product’s link, you would be redirected to Amazon’s or other online store’s corresponding page with extra info, where you can buy the goods.

Our site contains affiliate links, so we may earn a commission when you buy something through the links. But there will be NO charge to you when you use these links. We think that’s a good deal to be rewarded for being useful in decision making. That’s how we know we are trusted, and it helps us improve our service in the right way.  

Our Team: Rick Bouchard, Thomas Brown and Michael Barnes
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Thomas Brown. Editor-in-Chief

Editor, writer, project manager, and self-starter with a keen eye for detail and thorough expertise in developing informational and educational content. Keen on launching a new digital publication dedicated to celebrating creativity in house and office furniture technologies with inspirational, high-quality content.

The idea of SmartHomeDesk actually came around when I was trying to choose some furniture for my home office (it was a Standing Desk). So the information was so widely spread and reading hundreds of reviews and comparison charts for different models was really a headache for making any decision. So, bringing it all into one simple way was quite an enjoyable task. The result is quite here, on this website, so hope you enjoy it and really save some time.

Professional Skills

  • Conducting independent research at Berkeley Mathematics, including conducting interviews, partnering with internal resources to develop a distinctive point of view on specific topics;
  • Approaching projects with intellectual curiosity using an analytical and quantitative mindset;
  • Leveraging writing and editorial skills to translate complex concepts into easy to understand, engaging and compelling messaging, in various formats, for delivery in different digital channels;
  • Coordinating the editorial consultations, development, and calendar.

Rick Bouchard. Remodelling Specialist/Expert

Head of QCR, building and remodelling company that specializes in green building and remodelling practices, providing consulting in all green areas. A proud member of many industry associations and trade groups.

Member of the National & NH Home Builders & Remodelers Associations, National & NH Remodelers Council as Professional Remodelers, Handles all types of work from small repairs to major projects. LinkedIn profile. Specializing in full-service design/build firm in all phases of residential remodelling, proofreading expert and field specialist at SmartHomeDesk.com. 

Michael Barnes. Writer/Editor

The content creator, a PhD candidate at Georgetown University and multimedia reporter with more than 6 years of experience with an extensive background in music past and present, along with a strong proficiency in household culture. Extensive experience in content management for both print and digital publications.

Eager for storytelling with a background in investigative reporting about to the communities and minorities. Sometimes handling projects from brainstorming to the organization of final details, sometimes joining in-progress helped to introduce new products and solve marketing problems such as brand and category reputation repair, parity positioning and consumer skepticism.

Feedback and Suggestions

We are always open for any kind of cooperation, don’t hesitate to send your suggestions at info @ smarthomedesk.com or via a contact form. We are not receiving any rewards or free products from manufacturers for any of the reviews.

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