5 Best Gaming Recliners Review

We picked up 32 brand-new gaming recliners and were testing them for 3 weeks to describe the best ones in our review.

After thorough research of the goods and comparing their results, there is no doubt that E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic is the clear winner of listed!


E-WIN Gaming Chair ErgonomicBest Durable Gaming Chair

Sustainability and duration are very essential features of gaming recliners and these qualities are presented in E-WIN’s products. As well as many others like:

  • The company offers a high-quality sport chair made with a steel frame inside and PU thick leather upholstery outside.
  • It comes with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar support as well as adjustable armrests to fit the gaming chair to your individual needs.
  • Eight color styles and two different sizes of the recliner can fit everybody’s taste.

Lots of our time we spend sitting at the same position working, studying or playing video games. We are commonly get involved into the process which takes all our attention leaving no time for thinking about our health. First, pc gaming recliners were introduced as stylish chairs to make you look (and feel a bit) sporty. But nowadays it’s getting developed and designed for both entertainment and health care. Want to enjoy having fun for a long time with no worries about your wellbeing? Read the following reviews to choose the best gaming recliner for a fair price!

Top 5 Gaming Recliner Comparison

Editor's Choice
E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic
E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic
  • Different recliner sizes
  • Entirely made with PU leather
  • Quality guarantee with 10 years warranty

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2GTRACING Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair
GTRACING Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair
  • Ergonomic design framework
  • 4D Adjustable armrests
  • Solid 5-point base with smooth casters

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The Lowest Price
Merax High Back Computer Chair
Merax High Back Computer Chair
  • Made with high-quality polyurethane
  • Wing-back chair design
  • Nylon wheels for silent moving

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4BestOffice Office Chair
BestOffice Office Chair
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Lots of color styles
  • Affordable price

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Best Alternative
Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
  • Large seat fit anyone
  • Managed angle of the footrest
  • It’s just a S-O-F-A!

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Best Gaming Recliners Detailed Reviews

We offer to your attention a detailed outline of the most popular modern gaming recliners including the main advantages and disadvantages of the goods.

1. E-WIN Gaming Chair ErgonomicBest Durable Gaming Chair

E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic is based on a steel framework and entirely made with thick PU leather to provide high duration and long-lasting well-being.


  • Thick steel frame and environmentally friendly painting to avoid rust
  • Artificial leather covering to be spill resistant and breathable
  • High density foam for better duration
  • Back reclining from 85° to 155° for the most convenient relaxation
  • Different color range
  • There are large models for bigger people
  • Changeable arms
  • 10 years warranty
  • May be uncomfortable for short people
  • There are several complaints about a huge lumbar cushion
  • There are some feedbacks that backfins are not comfy for bigger men


E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic is a high-quality recliner that can be customized for every gamer! The chair is valued for its soft PU leather cover and impressive firm steel frame being able to fit any body shape.

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair – Best Flexible Recliner Designed as a Racing Chair

Made with a metal frame and covered with faux leather, this recliner provides you with maximum comfort and sustainability. It comes with head and lumbar pillows to keep your back postured when you play or work. With an opportunity to adjust armrest and seat height, GTRACING Gaming Chair is suitable for everybody.


  • Artificial leather material for long-lasting usage and easy cleaning
  • 360° rotating chair with a back reclining from 90° to 170° to opt the best position
  • Option to set armrests and a seat up or down to fix your posture
  • Removable pillows for keeping safe while you are involved
  • Fast set up (less than 30 min)
  • Withstand up to 300 lbs
  • Enough space – 16”(L) x 19.68”(W)
  • 1 year warranty
  • There are several complaints about receiving not a full kit of tools to set up the chair
  • Several customers claimed to wobbly head pillow fixing


GTRACING Gaming Chair is a popular choice among gamers who chose convenience and mobility. Smooth surface and flexibility to the last inch – all you need to feel comfy and safe.

3. Merax High Back Computer ChairBest Choice with a Minimal Budget

Ergonomic design of this recliner is developed to minimize discomfort and avoid head or back pain for a long-lasting period. Supportive headrest and lumbar pillows play a significant role in fixing your body in a safe position. The chair is highly adjustable (it can be reclined almost horizontally) so you are able to use it in different needs, spending several hours of playing, working or even sleeping.


  • From 90° to 180° back recliner for comfy long day use
  • Thick padded and breathable back and seat for safe continuous sitting
  • 5-point caster wheels base for steadiness and mobility
  • It comes with a lever to lock the chair in a tilted position
  • 4-inch comfort seat
  • Removable padded armrests
  • Quite a spacious seat – 19.7”(L) X 21.3”(W)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Many buyers mentioned that the weight limit was no more than 250 lbs instead of claimed 300 lbs
  • Some customers claimed that the backrest reclined not firmly


Merax High Back Computer Chair is a great option for gamers who are searching for a comfy and not pricey seat. Spending long days relaxing on a well-designed PU leather recliner with no back pain afterwards.

4. BestOffice Office Chair Gaming Best High Chair with Footrest

BestOffice Office Chair Gaming is a multitask gaming recliner affordable for everyone. Made with PU leather for easy cleaning and supplied with detachable neck and lumbar pillows this racing chair is a perfect cozy addition for your room or office!


  • Designed with a thick sponge cushion
  • 360° swiveling to move smoothly
  • Cozy napping with padded backrest and footrest
  • Up to 250 lbs chair capacity
  • Adjustable footrest
  • A wide range of colors
  • Low price
  • Assembling for 15 min
  • Unlike previous products, this chair inclines only up to 155°
  • Not adjustable arms
  • Several feedbacks claiming damaged deliveries


BestOffice Office Chair Gaming is a low price high back chair drawing your attention with colorful design as well as soft filling to make you satisfied. Just set up fast and take your time having fun!

5. Homall Gaming Recliner ChairBest Sofa Recliner

Not sure that a chair is a good choice for you? Need more space? Want to feel free changing sitting/lying/meditating positions while playing? Ok then, don’t limit yourself and choose a gaming sofa! It’s a great sport designed recliner for those who are into long term adventures.


  • Adjustable backrest reclining up to 180° to opt the best angle
  • Huge lumbar pillow along with the seat convenient for everybody
  • Capacious pockets on both sides to keep stuff on hand
  • Built-in pull up footrest to make your feet rest
  • Much bigger than gaming chairs
  • Spacious smooth seat: 25.5″(L) x 29.1″(W)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Requires more space
  • Not very comfy for kids


Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is the best reasonably priced gaming sofa on the modern market. High-quality solid leather, built-in soft back pillow and footrest are designed to make you feel full immersion with no shackles.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Recliner – Buyer’s Guide

So, you decided to purchase a good solid gaming chair, what is the next step? How to pick the perfect sport recliner? There are no strict instructions or formulas on how to find and where to buy the best one. Because people are different as well as our needs and willing. But we did our best to make up the guide you are going to read to help you make a reasonable and conscious decision. Just take your time getting useful tips from experienced buyers who have already overcome the troubles of goods comparing, testing and trying on.

First, you have to understand that sporty gaming chairs are not just an extra reason to brag to your friends and relatives (yeah, it looks cool and luxury but it’s not the main point, is it? :)). Of course, racing car chair design with color straps is a powerful addition to your office or a playing room but as these recliners are usually used for a long term session, enough comfy free space to be able to relax plays a significant role in user’s well-being.

Now, we’d like to point out the most important issues that you have to take into account when choosing a gaming recliner.

Ergonomic Design

No doubt, modern recliners are literally lifesavers because they are developed with the aim to prevent pain after a long-lasting sitting position and usually are supplied with neck pillows and lumbar cushions to provide extremely comfortable conditions for working and playing.

Unfortunately, during several hours of hard and tense work crooking and slouching, we don’t pay appropriate attention to the spinal curve.

To make your moves free and easy, ergonomic chairs have got 360 degrees swiveling to move around with no need to get up every time. In addition, a five-star rolling base guarantees mobility and stability for a continuous length of time.

It is said that every year the time people spend sitting in one position is dangerously increasing. For instance, according to the Healthline article, common office workers sit up to 15 hours in a row every single day what in the future may lead to health issues, weight gain and even early death! Thanks to modern developers who listen to customers’ claims and make up ergonomic design furniture.

man is relaxing in gaming chair


Spending all day long sitting on a chair might cause different troubles as we found out in a previous topic, so comfort is the most important thing that is taken into account when choosing a gaming recliner. They are designed to be able to maintain correct posture during your work, holding your back straight.
Another benefit of keeping a sports car chair is that it is possible to set the recliner and fit it according to your size parameters. Most brand new recliners are fully adjustable, which means you can opt the best height and angle of the backrest depending on whether you are working, reading or having a nap. Lots of chairs can be tilted up to 180 degrees so you can even relax almost horizontally like in a bed!

Besides backrests, there are adjustable armrests too, which are divided into 2D and 4D. The first one means you can change the height and the second type means both height and width adjustment.

And for those who want to take the best from these recliners, there is a footrest included to the kit as well to make yourself lying on an extremely soft couch with feet free.

So don’t worry if you think you are too short or too tall, you have an opportunity to set the most comfortable place for working and studying.

Enough space

Common office chairs are not the best option for a long time sitting because they are usually small, tough and limit your motion. Unlike huge racing chairs with spacious seats to avoid feeling locked up. Such pads are possible to fit your comfy position sitting straight, flopping or even squatting! On big chairs, there is quite enough space for getting your friend sit on an armrest next to you letting him or her watch your playing 🙂 By the way, many companies produce extra-large seats for big men. The more space, the more freedom!


Apart from back and neck issues, long-lasting sitting may cause skin problems as well, after working hard, sweating and rubbing up against the cheap fabric. To prevent hyperhidrosis recent gaming recliners are designed with high-quality thick PU leather which is also breathable so you can be not anxious about getting wet even in the hottest days of the summer!

Another feature of artificial leather is high stain resistance, so if you spilled tea, coffee or something it wouldn’t be a big problem (another thing you would have to make another cup :)).

Big choice

It’s been a long time since the first racing gaming chairs were produced. And it’s been still working on and improving for thousands of customers. On today’s market you can observe a wide range of gaming recliners and sofas with and without color stripes, embroidered logos as well as different seat size, backrests height, armrests width and footrests length. All of them are based with another framework covered with foam beneath fabric or leather. And these features influence on the price of course. As you can read from our comparison review above there are great options for a reasonable price, so don’t hesitate and choose your best rolling chair not wasting all your salary!

girls sitting in line in office


One more good advantage of gaming recliners is easy cleaning. It will take no more than 10 minutes to wipe off the chair and rub the dust from casters.

Here is a list of useful tips on how to take care of your chair:

  • For keeping your recliner longer in its best condition, it is better to clean it at least once a week to prolong its durability.
  • If you get a stain, get rid of it immediately to save the original appearance.
  • If you get leather or PU leather recliner, use a special conditioner to prevent cracking.
  • Don’t let your small kids and pets play on your chair to avoid accidental damages.
  • Protect your recliner from the direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Besides easy cleaning, it’s very simple to disassemble the chair and then assemble it back in case you need to move it to another place. The process usually takes no more than 15 mins, so you are able to set it quickly, just like it was before and keep on having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We picked up the most popular questions on the topic and prepared detailed answers to assure you are on the right way!

Do I really need a gaming recliner?

Well, if it’s your first experience of buying a racing chair it’s ok to doubt whether it is worth paying for a gaming recliner instead of a regular office chair. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know for sure! The number of gaming chairs’ buyers are increasingly growing up for a reason, saying they are more comfy and customizable, unlike regular chairs. It’s so easy to fix the backrest and armrests according to your needs. As well as keep your back straight to make long days of working much more convenient not get distracted by back pain. And another benefit of such recliners is that the backrest is much higher than a common office chair’s one.

In fact, comfort is one of the main factors to bear in mind when choosing a new gaming chair. Because you want to know what you pay for and if it’s worth it. As most of our time, we usually spend sitting continuously, it’s better to focus on working or playing video games strictly. Everybody knows the exhausted feeling at the end of a working day after using a non-ergonomic recliner when the body needs more moving and stretching. Especially after rough gaming sessions with no breaks slaying down the enemies. That’s why a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair can deal with discomfort for hours. Think you are wasting money on a trendy sporty chair? No, you are saving money to avoid medical treatment afterward!

In terms of comfort, quality materials used is a must-have feature of any gaming chair. Most brands produce leather or fabric recliners. All gaming chairs reviewed here, as well as neck and lumbar support, are made with leather upholstery. We consider this material as a quite durable one that is easy to clean and maintain. Modern PU leather is soft and breathable so you can enjoy your gaming experience in any season.

Does a recliner help me play better?

Well, unfortunately, a chair can’t influence on your gaming skills directly, but certainly it helps you prevent extra troubles and tension while you are busy. More free space, less stress. Less stress, more energy to work. More energy, more productivity and better results. Better results, better you are! That’s definitely a motto of modern gaming recliners’ users!

In fact, a well-chosen ergonomic gaming chair can fix the right posture and avoid chronic pain. It’s not just a sporty chair, but a great option with health benefits. PC gaming recliners are designed with extra adjustment and weight capacity options. The seat height helps you keep sitting straight reducing the load on your back and avoiding a curvature of the spine. It improves your blood circulation and provides great lumbar support. Neck pillow and lumbar cushion are usually highly padded for maximum comfort relaxing your muscles and setting the right angle of your body. Indeed, using ergonomic gaming furniture can deal with chronic diseases, declining posture and other troubles. With adjustable seat height, armrests and footrest, gaming chairs are easy to optimize for everybody, switching positions between working or gaming sessions.

Make short breaks at least every hour and dive in a thick-padded, breathable, faux leather recliner so you can focus on leveling up your gaming experience with no distractions.

pu leather chairs in office

Which fabric type is better to sit on?

As there is a wide range of gaming recliners it’s a hard task to opt the best one, so before you make a purchase, make sure the order fits your individual needs. So far recliners tend to be designed with high-quality materials to provide customers with sustainability and extended durability. Gamers who are looking for a brand new chair should focus not just on price and ergonomics but the fabric type which the chair is made with as well.

In terms of materials, gaming chairs are divided into two styles, leather and fabric. Each of them has it’s advantages and disadvantages, that’s why we strongly recommend you to check out this article to compare them and choose the best option. Long story short, if you would like to get a racing car chair which is easy to clean, but it holds heat, leather or PU leather recliner is yours. And if you are into soft and more breathable seat, but it’s harder to maintain, fabric chair is your best choice. It’s up to you.

How to clean a gaming chair?

With its smooth surface, a gaming chair is simple to take care of. Usually, there is as set of instructions included into a package, for your sporty recliner type exactly, so you can just follow them. But in case of its absence or loss we decided to sum up the main ones.

  • PU leather chairs should be dusted regularly, it’s better to use a woven microfiber cloth. Wet it a bit with warm water beforehand or use special cleaning liquids. Wipe off gently.
  • Mesh and fabric recliners should be vacuumed frequently to prevent dust accumulation. You can also use a brush to clean narrow spaces. Do not rub roughly.
  • Armrests, base and frame are easy to clean using a common sponge and soap. Water it and go trough, going up and down. Then dry these parts with a paper towel.
  • Turn your chair over and clean the casters. Yeah, it’s the most unpleasant process, as the casters typically gather hair, dust and debris, so you have to get rid of them with a help of a vacuum cleaner or with your own hands. After, wipe off the dirt outside.
  • Before you sit back again, check all screws to be tighten as they may become loose.
  • Don’t forget to wash pillows and cushions once in a while as well.
  • If you’ve got a stain or dirt on a white chair – wipe it off immediately (you are a brave man keeping a white chair :)). Great luxury choice but be careful!

Is it safe for kids?

Of course, as other chairs are! One important thing you have to bear in mind while choosing a recliner for children is dimensions. Gaming racing chairs are themselves huge spacious seats with a high backrest and wide armrests, sometimes too big for kids. So you should search in advance for recliners specially designed for junior gamers. Usually, they are quite as customizable and flexible as adults’ chairs are, encourage straight posture, and promote good blood flow through the body, providing long-term healthy and productive gaming. Buying a nice gaming recliner for kids and teens is a wise option to prevent health issues since childhood if your buddy prefers indoor games in front of the screen. So, when you choose a chair for yourself, don’t forget to order an extra one for your lovely son or daughter!

boy game is over

Criteria We Used for Gaming Recliners Review


Lots of people consider sporty racing chairs are extremely expensive and not everybody can afford it. Well, yeah, luxury genuine leather gaming giants are quite pricey. But writing this review and describing the goods mentioned above, we’d like to ensure you that nowadays you are able to find and purchase a reasonably priced recliner with fairly fashionable design, proven capacity, and a wide range of useful features. Thanks to the extended international market, you have a possibility to opt various products according to your budget and wishes.

So, here we noticed the best gaming recliners which cost about $200 and even lower with a small difference in quality and equipment. All these racing chairs are affordable for every gamer to make continuous playing process more amusing and marvelous!


As we are discussing not a one-time product, it’s very essential to look for high-quality goods no to be fallen into a trap due to a big choice. That’s why we did a thorough research work and selected the best gaming recliners which are:

  • based on a solid framework for better sustainability;
  • filled with soft foam to prevent pain after long-lasting sitting;
  • finished with thick PU leather which is quite breathable, skin friendly and easy to clean;
  • on a 5 point base with smooth casters for good mobility;
  • supplied with padded pillows and cushions to fix your healthy posture.

Great properties in conjunction with hiqh-quality materials make you feel free to choose the perfect gaming chair!


When planning to purchase a luxury sporty chair for long usage, of course, it’s essential to select not just a brand new toy for your playing room, but a health friendly supportive recliner, suitable for your individual requirements. Racing car design is not enough to be fully satisfied with, the chair should be capable to fit your posture, the backrest – to choose the comfy angle, the armrest – to make your arms move not tensely, the footrest – as it is called, to get your feet relax. Please, read a chair’s dimensions carefully in advance to be sure that all these supplied thick padded pillows and cushions will be good friends for your spine, not to feel discomfort instead as we are all different. So, here we described the best gaming chairs, where comfort is mentioned as a forefront feature.


Product’s description is not sufficient to fairly evaluate the good, but it plays an important role through when searching for something with concrete parameters. Listed specifications with a long term warranty provided by an official dealer is the right way to attract and hold customers. But if you are a ‘newbie’ in this field and know little about a product you want to buy, it is better to read feedbacks from real common people as well. That’s why we’d been analyzing today’s market and assessing buyers’ results first, before we tested the most popular gaming recliners and selected the winners. After all, we’d like to sum up what we’ve got on the topic of which gaming chairs are the best, in our opinion as well as hundreds of customers’ ones.

computer and gaming recliner in bedroom

The Future of Gaming Recliners

For your information, we decided to name extra features which are getting popular to be implemented into racing recliners:

  • Vibration – for close to reality playing.
  • Lightning – fire it up!
  • Subwoofer – brag to your friends and invite them to your own home theater.
  • Volume and bass control – for maximum flexibility.
  • Headphone jack – move all over the house with no music interruption.


Summing up, we are happy to share you with this detailed review on how to choose your perfect racing chair. Don’t waste your time going over all options looking for the very one, we’ve already done it for you! All great choices are listed above which may satisfy your personal needs and improve your well-being while you are working, studying and playing.

And if you are too busy to read the overall descriptions, just go straight to the winner E-WIN Gaming Chair Ergonomic, an excellent adjustable gaming recliner which may make you feel healthy and wealthy for years!

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