Best Latex Pillows – Buyer’s Guide

Best Latex Pillows reviewSleep is an important part of your health, and sleep can be hindered by not having the best pillow to support your head, neck, and shoulders. Latex pillows are comfortable, supportive, and hypoallergenic, making them the perfect pillows for all of your needs. When you begin shopping for the best latex pillow, however, it can be difficult to find the best one to meet your budget and your needs. There are many different latex pillows and brands out there as well, making your search even more difficult.

Below is a little more information about latex pillows including a top five list with additional reviews and a buyer’s guide to help you make your final purchase decision. There are many different features and advantages to having your latex pillows, and these things will be discussed later in this guide. With a little time and a little research, you can find the best latex pillow to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed for the day to come. In addition to the buyer’s guide, a comparison table is added to help you in your decision making.

Our List of Best Latex Pillows

Beautyrest Latex Foam Antimicrobial review
Beautyrest Latex Foam Antimicrobial
  • Latex: Dunlop
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Great support for side sleepers
  • Pillow blocks out pathogens and odors

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Softest Pillow
Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zone King review
Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zone King
  • Latex: Talalay
  • Cover: Polyester + Bamboo
  • Comes in both Queen or King size
  • Pillow cover can be removed and washed

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Organic Materials
OrganicTextiles Natural Latex review
OrganicTextiles Natural Latex
  • Latex: Dunlop
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Pillow remains cool during the night
  • Helps prevent allergy issues or bacteria

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Supportive Product
Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Queen review
Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Queen
  • Latex: Talalay
  • Cover: Bamboo
  • Pillow is soft and springy
  • Ideal for those who suffer from neck pain

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Hypnotist Talalay Latex Pillow Natural review
Hypnotist Talalay Latex Pillow Natural
  • Latex: Talalay
  • Cover: Knit fabric
  • Pillow is extremely soft
  • Comfortable pillow that doesn't lose its shape

1. Beautyrest Latex Foam Antimicrobial Pillow – Best Antimicrobial Product

Just like the best hypoallergenic pillow listed above, this pillow is noted as the best antimicrobial pillow on the market. The natural latex foam helps to block pathogens from entering the pillow and causing bacteria to grow.

Filled with Special Foam

The special foam also helps block odors that often plague typical pillows. Another great antimicrobial feature of this pillow is easy to remove and wash the cover. This pillow is made right in the USA, and you won’t be disappointed in the construction of this incredible product. The cover is made from 100 percent cotton that is a super soft 300-thread count. The pillow is soft yet supportive to hold the head comfortably while sleeping night after night. You can be confident that this pillow is a great fit for allergy sufferers.

  • Great support for side sleepers
  • Each side has the same shape as the other side
  • Pillow blocks out pathogens and odors
  • Cover can be removed and washed
  • Ideal for those who tend to get sick often
  • High loft pillows are too tall
  • Odor is very strong

2. Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Queen Firm Pillow – Best Supportive Product

Support is extremely important when sleeping during the night. This latex pillow has been noted as the most supportive product on the market since it is made from a breathable latex foam. Not only is it supportive to your head, neck, and shoulders when you first get the package, the pillow stays supportive for years, keeping you well-rested and pain-free.

Made in the USA

This pillow is made in the USA, and the latex foam is made to stay consistent and breathable at the same time. In fact, this foam will keep its original shape for many years to come, meaning you won’t be giving up any support. Since it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, you don’t have to worry about allergies or bacteria.

  • Pillow is firm enough to provide a great deal of support
  • Price is affordable
  • Pillow is soft and springy
  • Ideal for those who suffer from neck pain
  • The smell is extremely harsh
  • Pillow is very thick

3. Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zone Pillow – Softest Product

For a soft pillow that is equally as supportive, you will want to go with this pillow. The density of this pillow is firm, which means it is perfect for side and back sleepers.

If you are looking for a different pillow to keep your head and neck support while sleeping on your back or sides, then there is no better pillow, especially since this one is made from a special latex foam to relieve pressure while you sleep.

Super-Comfort with Velour Covers

Not only is this pillow exceedingly comfortable, but it also includes a soft velour cover that is unique to this brand of latex pillows. The cover is also removable so you can wash it when it is needed. This pillow is also antimicrobial to protect against dust and mildew that often plagues other pillows.

  • Pillow is perfect for back and side sleepers
  • Comes in both Queen or King size
  • Pillow cover can be removed and washed
  • Ideal for those who sleep on the back or the sides
  • The smell is extremely strong
  • Pillow is also very heavy

4. OrganicTextiles Natural Latex Pillow

When it comes to latex pillows, having a free flowing air design is the key to having a comfortable pillow. Unlike memory foam pillows that hold in the heat, this latex pillow is designed to keep you cool throughout the entire night, and it even helps to eliminate perspiration and excess moisture. You can finally enjoy a full night’s rest with this pillow that helps you stay cool even on the hottest of nights.

Organic Materials

In addition to the cooling feature on this pillow, you might also find a cover made from organic cotton and material that is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. This pillow also is made to have a medium firmness to fit most everyone’s comfort zone. This means that you can be satisfied with this pillow, sleep better with this pillow, and stay cool all night long.

  • Provides great support to the next, head, and shoulders
  • Pillow remains cool during the night even on hot nights
  • Helps prevent allergy issues or bacteria because of the hypoallergenic and the antimicrobial qualities
  • Ideal for those who get hot during the night
  • Size and firmness of the pillow reduces over time
  • For some, the pillow is not firm enough

5. Hypnotist Talalay Latex Pillow Standard Size Natural – Best Hypoallergenic Product

Many people have allergies that are often heightened by pillows that collect dust mites, dead skin cells, and other forms of allergens or bacteria. Luckily, latex pillows are great for those who suffer from terrible allergies. Through a special ventilation system, this pillow helps filter out the dust and other allergens from holes in the pillow. These holes also keep the pillow cool and breathable during a hot night’s rest.

Additional Head and Neck Support

This pillow works to helps support the head and neck during sleep, and it often helps relieve pressure on the spine as well. You don’t have to worry about the pillow fluffing up or losing its support. Your pillow will be cool throughout the night, and the pillow stays clean through the special ventilation.

  • Pillow helps to relieve neck pain or stiffness during the night
  • Pillow is extremely soft
  • Comfortable pillow that doesn’t lose its shape
  • Ideal for those who suffer from allergies
  • The pillow is much smaller than other pillows of this kind
  • Smell is extremely strong

Best Latex Pillows – Buyer’s Guide

Best Latex Pillows Buyers GuideSleep is something that everyone needs. It helps rest your body and recharge it for use the next day. Having a bad pillow can seriously hinder your resting abilities, meaning your body can’t recharge the way it needs to. In this case, you might need to start looking for a better pillow. If you have neck pain or you toss and turn, you can look for a latex pillow that will support your head and help you rest. These pillows are budget friendly, and they are a great way to keep your body asleep to help you recharge and get ready for the days ahead.

When you get ready to start shopping for the best latex pillow, you might be at a loss for what to look for in a latex pillow. In this buyer’s guide, the most important facets of a latex pillow will be addressed and discuss to help you decide which latex pillow is the best for your needs. Things like the functions, features, advantages, and technologies will be discussed in this buyer’s guide to point you in the right direction when it comes to latex pillows.

Through the reviews above and this buyer’s guide, you can confidently purchase the best latex pillow with the right support, coolness, and other qualities. Before you start shopping, you should consider your pillow needs to ensure that you get the right pillow for you. Your lifestyle and sleeping habits can have an effect on the pillow you need. You should always consider these things when preparing to purchase as well.

Remember that sleep is important, and having the right pillow can help you sleep better each night and prevent aches and pains often associated with the wrong pillows.


Best Latex Pillows TechnologiesThough it may sound strange, latex pillows are equipped with several interesting technologies that make them unique. Pillows are made to help support the head, neck, and shoulders during sleep to help alleviate aches and pains and prevent new ones from popping up overnight. Latex pillows have been made with incredible technologies to provide the best support for everyone to help you rest better throughout the night. You can start your search with the technologies if you wish to, and you can begin by finding the technologies that might best suit your needs. There are many technologies, but only a few will be discussed in this guide.

One of the best technologies in these pillows is the coolness technologies. Through a series of weaves in the latex foam, these pillows are breathable, meaning they often stay cool all night long. For some people, keeping cool at night is the most comfortable way to sleep, meaning this pillow technology is one of the most widely anticipated technologies out there. Some of the latex pillows do not come with this technology, so if you are looking for a cold pillow, you will need to ensure your pillow choice comes with the coolness technology. For those who tend to get hot during the night, this pillow technology could be a perfect way to get that much-needed rest even during hot, summer nights.

Another of the interesting technologies that some latex pillows have to offer is a special construction that keeps your pillow dust and allergen free. These pillows are great for people with extreme allergies of the air or skin, and they are often antimicrobial as well. Since many people want this kind of pillows, you would need to search for this technology before making a final pillow purchase. Not every latex pillow is equipped with such a high hypoallergenic construction, but for those who suffer from extreme allergies, having a pillow of this sort can be a great thing. You should consider your allergies before purchasing a latex pillow.


Best Latex Pillows FunctionsIn addition to the technologies that make latex pillows so incredible, is the functions that are not widely discussed. Like any pillow, latex pillows are made to support your head and neck during sleep, but there are other functions as well. Often, these functions will also resemble the technologies that some of these pillows have to offer. There are many functions that latex pillows have to offer, but for the sake of time, only a few will be discussed.

Coolness is one of the functions that also doubles as one of the technologies. Through the interesting weave designs and constructions, your pillow could remain cool all night long. A cool pillow, as mentioned before, is something that many people desire during the night when it gets hot. Having a cool pillow could also eliminate tossing and turning which is the number one culprit of not resting well each night.

Luckily, latex pillows with the coolness design work to stay cool without you having to wake up and flip the pillow.

You might have seen commercials of memory foam pillows or mattresses being pushed down with a hand. When the hand is removed, the pillow goes back to the original shape. Another function of the latex pillows is the shape retaining ability. This function closely resembles a function of a memory foam pillow because latex pillows also hold their shape. However, latex pillows do not sink or form to your head like memory foam. Latex foam is more spongy, meaning that as soon as you remove your head, the pillow springs back to its original shape. This function works similar to a balloon in ways by springing back up the instant weight is removed.


Latex Pillows AdvantagesSleep is one of the most important ways to rejuvenate your body, so having a good pillow is crucial. When you are searching for a new pillow, especially a latex pillow, you might be inclined to look at the advantages to owning one first. Luckily, there are many different advantages to having a latex pillow that can help your body and your overall health. Since there is such a wide range of advantages, only a few of the more important advantages will be mentioned in this buyer’s guide. You should always consider your needs before making any purchase based on the advantages.

Many people who suffer from neck aches in the morning are most likely not using the correct pillow to support their head, shoulders, or neck.

Perhaps the most important advantage to owning a latex pillow is the support. Interestingly enough, latex pillows are some of the most supportive pillows on the market. Latex pillows, as mentioned in the functions section, are spongy and retain their shape. Because of this shape retention, the pillows are extremely supportive, and this support lasts for many years. The pillows cradle your head and neck, keeping them aligned. In fact, these pillows are so supportive, that it might even keep your spine aligned during the night, eliminating back pain as well. High loft and low loft pillows have different advantages for your neck as well.

Another of the important advantages to sleeping with a latex pillow is the restfulness factor. Because of the support, you can be confident that your sleeping will change. In fact, when you get proper rest, you might begin seeing changes in your health as well like better skin, more energy, and even better focus. If you tossed and turned before getting a latex pillow, the purchase of the right firmness can make all the difference. You will begin to sleep better during the night, and you might even sleep all night without waking up. Tossing and turning might slow down, letting your body rest better, and you might even wake up feeling more refreshed each morning than you have ever felt before.


Latex Pillows FeaturesThe features of latex pillows are just as numerous as the other categories. In fact, there is no limit to the amazing things that latex pillows can offer you as a consumer. Since you will be spending night after night with your head resting on these pillows, you might be more inclined to purchase a latex pillow based on their additional features. There are several features that are added to these pillows to make them outstanding and practical in every way. Because of time, only a few of the features will be discussed in this guide. However, a little research can bring up more of the features that latex pillows have to offer you.

Covers might not seem like an important part of a pillow at first, but after further observation, you might find yourself wishing you had one. Just like many people put pillow cases on normal pillows, some latex pillows come with special covers that provide added comfort and protection to the pillow. Some covers even have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic features, while other covers can be easily removed and washed should they need to be cleaned at any time. If you want a cover on your latex pillow, you should look for this feature before making any purchase because not every pillow comes with a special cover.

If you tend to sweat a lot in your sleep, you are not that different. Many people sweat in their sleep, which can cause moisture build up on your pillow, especially if you tend to sweat around the hairline and neckline. Luckily, latex pillows have certain features that can help prevent that moisture from sticking on your pillow. Certain latex pillows are designed with a top layer that helps keep your dry during the night and keep from ruining your pillow with sweat. Since latex pillows can’t be washed like cotton pillows or feather pillows, you need all the help you can get with keeping it clean.


Best Latex Pillows ConclusionYou’ve been tossing and turning for too long, and you’re in the market for a new pillow to help you rest better and wake up refreshed each morning. You might have compared latex pillows with memory foam pillows, and you’ve decided on latex pillows. Good choice! Latex pillows are springy, supportive, and cool all at the same time, meaning you get an incredible pillow that can do many things for you. Not only do they help you rest better by keeping your head supported and eliminate tossing and turning, but latex pillows are also extremely soft and comfortable. You might even look forward to going to bed each night.

Once you are prepared to purchase your first latex pillow, you might be faced with a few choices. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can take the top five product reviews above, the comparison chart, and the buyer’s guide to help you get the information you need to make a smart purchase decision. With so many features, functions, advantages, and technologies, it can be difficult to figure out which latex pillow is the best for you.

So what do you do now? Well, now that you are ready to purchase your latex pillow, you can start by reviewing the products above. If you are still not convinced or you want to see more options, simply do a quick search. Many stores that sell mattresses sell latex pillows as well. Remember to simply consider your needs and your lifestyle because the selections can be large and difficult to sift through. From there, you can compare pillows that will provide for your needs to find the right fit for you, and before long, you could be getting your beauty rest on a nice latex pillow.


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