How to Clean a Recliner: Top Cleaning Hacks

There’s no better piece of furniture than a solid leather recliner. If you’re a lucky owner of such an outstanding good, you should know how to maintain it aptly. Since proper cleaning enhances the longevity of the recliner, here’s a guide on how to clean a recliner.

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Gearing up for Cleaning a Recliner Chair

If you see some dirt and dust is accumulating, it’s better to wipe it off as soon as possible. The sooner you get rid of the mess, the more you’re likely to keep your recliner clean. Ditto the stains, remove the liquid immediately with special cleaners.

The very first thing you can do is vacuuming your recliner. No matter what fabric it is, a vacuum is a great option to do away with debris. Don’t underestimate this stage as clogging your seat that amasses filth may lead to stains and discolor.

Apart from vacuuming the upholstery, don’t forget about cleaning the inside of the recliner. This is not the funniest procedure but you can make your chair live longer with no corrosion and unpleasant smell. However, before flipping the furniture, make sure you can handle it on your own. Otherwise, ask for a helping hand to turn the chair upside down.

Once you vacuum the recliner, the time is ripe to get to cleaning. Your next step depends on the type of recliner chair. Go on reading to choose your fabric and get proper cleaning tips for a healthy environment.

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How to Clean a Leather Recliner

As there are two types of leather recliners – artificial and real – we described a few cleaning tips for both of them.

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Cleaning Faux Leather Recliner

Use a mild detergent to clean a synthetic recliner like a gaming chair. Grab a bucket of warm water and add a little soap to it. Take some microfiber kitchen wipes and paper towels. Dip the wipe in the bucket and squeeze out excessive water.

Go around the chair paying attention to narrow spots. Change the water from time to time by plunging the kitchen cloth in the bucket. When you’re done, use paper towels to dry out the chair.

In addition, you can use a polish solution to spruce up the seat. When the recliner dries out, apply a polish on another kitchen wipe and spread the product all over the chair. This will make the surface shine bright and add extra protection.

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Cleaning Genuine Leather Recliner

Leather recliner manufacturers provide their customers with info on how to maintain their goods. So you can contact the producer first to find out what the best solution is.

However, you can easily do it on your own as long as you use proper cleaning products. You can utilize white vinegar to clean a real leather recliner. Add the vinegar to a bucket of water in a ratio of 1:1.

Take microfiber wipes to moisten it in the solution. Go around the recliner to remove the dirt. Use paper towels to dry out the chair, make sure there’s no vinegar left. The final step is applying a leather cream or conditioner to keep the furniture in shape.

If you’re not confident about how to clean a leather chair, there are ready-made solutions that can ease the cleaning process. Here is the ultimate list of the best leather cleaners that are worth consideration.

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How to Clean a Fabric Recliner

A fabric recliner chair is porous, which is why it’s quite breathable. Despite this feature, such furniture accumulated dust and debris faster than a leather recliner. Moreover, there’s a higher chance to stain the fabric upholstery.

To keep your recliner chair neat and tidy vacuum it weekly and brush off the filth. Use a soft brush in order not to damage the finish. Clean the fabric chair with gentle moves.

In the case of spilling liquids, you should take action right away. Depending on the type of stain you have to apply various methods. If you’ve got a spot of shoe polish, oil, grease, cosmetics, or ink: warm water and neutral soap are needed. Dip a wipe in the solution and rinse. Apply it on the stain and wait until it’s dry. Then use a soft brush to remove the leftovers.

If there’s a stain of alcohol, fizzle drink, milk, or tea: take a dry cloth and dampen the stain. Mix warm water and neutral soap. Dip the cloth in the solution and squeeze it out. Apply it on the dirty spot and leave it to dry. Then grab a soft brush to wipe off the leftovers. As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about how to clean a fabric chair.

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How to Clean an Upholstery Recliner

Apart from the domestic method of cleaning with warm water and mild soap, you can purchase a cleaning solvent. Choose a suitable upholstery cleaner for your recliner by reading the product’s description.

To clean an upholstery chair you need to vacuum it first. Then use a soft brush to remove the debris. Take a kitchen cloth and apply a cleaning solution to it. Moisten the recliner with the cleaner and let it dry. Next, use a stiff brush and wipe off the solvent. Grab paper towels or wipes to do away with the leftovers.

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How to Clean a Suede Recliner

A microfiber chair is designed with wee synthetic fibers for better durability and stain resistance. Thus, the chair doesn’t wick the moisture right away, it keeps the liquid on the top for a while so it can catch the fluid. On the contrary, a suede recliner is harder to clean from old debris.

If you wonder how to clean a microfiber recliner, here are some tips that may come in handy. Depending on the type of fabric used, you can pick the best option. Check the label or the product’s description to get your type.

  • The type W fabric can be cleaned with a water-based solvent.
  • Water is not an option for the type S recliner, use a specific solution instead.
  • The S-W fabric means that either water or solvent can be applied.
  • The X-labeled recliner is not compatible with any liquid, use a vacuum only.

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Feeling uncertain about how to clean a chair? No probs, we’ve got your back! Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean a recliner of different fabrics. You can maintain your furniture with either domestic products or ready-made solvents. Check the recliner’s description to find out which method is best for you.

Apart from cleaning, you should often check the good for defects. Read out the article that reveals fixing a recliner footrest hacks.

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