5 Steps to Creating a Pool Area of Your Dream

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Having a pool area is an excellent extension of your home, it is an area on which you can spend quality time with your family and create good memories. But to achieve this, it needs intensive planning, designing, and construction.

To make the process faster and smoother for you, ConcreteResurfacingLasVegas.com will be sharing five steps to creating a pool area of your dream.

1. Decide the Position of the Pool area

There are several points you need to consider regarding the position of your pool area, and that includes the following:

  • Build your pool in the visible area from the living room, in this way you will be able to enjoy the view of your pool and keep an eye on your family members as well as your guests.
  • Position the pool area under the sunshine.
  • The exit point coming from the kitchen and living space should be positioned near the entry of the pool for efficient use.
  • Make use of automated pool cleaner for a clean and well-maintained pool area without exerting too much effort.

2. Think about a Suitable Design for Your Pool

To design a pool area of your dream, think of a design that would match the existing architectural finishes of your home. Make the new area be a part of your home by making use of complementary materials.

When it comes to the size and shape of the pool, think of the primary purpose of the area and make a list of your desired results and coordinate it with your pool builder.

In order to use your pool during the off-season, you can consider making use of a gas heater, solar roof, or inground, electric heat pump to heat your pool area. You can use a combination of these to extend your pool usage.

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3. Design the Pool Surrounding

To make your new pool area more inviting, you can decorate your pool surrounding with the use of zero gravity chairs and tables on the pool deck area to add style and function.

You can also incorporate some plants inside the pool fencing for a softer look. Glass fencing provides a classy look and can also be a great option, but it can be expensive. But if you want to push through with glass, you can use it in between your house and the pool area and make use of other affordable fencing material on the less visible parts to save money.

One of the modern trends is paving, large tiles, and stamped concrete on which natural stone is being imitated and stamped on the concrete. There are a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, and you can also customize the pool finish based on your preference. To also make sure the pool surface is safe, make sure to install a non-slip sealer to prevent any accidents.

4. Install Quality Pool Equipment and Some Accessories

Installing quality pool equipment such as pumps, sanitation, and filters are important in keeping your pool area clean, appealing, and well maintained without too much hard work.

To add some accessories to the area and to make your pool experience enjoyable, you can install LED lights, slides, ladders, pool floats, and other games.

5. Choose the Right Pool Builder

To achieve the best results, it is important to choose the right pool builder for your project. This decision should not be taken lightly because having a pool is a great investment for your property. Do some research and choose someone who is experienced and has provided exceptional results to their previous clients.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Contractor

There are many companies you can consider hiring for your pool project. But to further help you out in choosing the right swimming pool contractor, we have listed some tips below.

Search for a Local Pool Contractor in Your area

You can research for a trusted pool contractor on the Internet, but make sure they are providing their services near your area. Check out their websites and look for necessary information you need to know about their company, some companies provide a sample of their work as well as available designs and styles you can choose from. List a few pool contractors and make an appointment with them.

Look for a Pool Contractor That’s Certified

Ask the builder for some documents that prove that they are a certified pool builder. A certified pool builder shows that they have gone through the necessary training and testing on building a pool, which also assures quality work.

Ask for a List of Customer Reference

During your consultation, ask the builder for a list of customer references they have in the past and check out the pool area they built. Contact the list of references they have provided and ask them about how they have provided the service and how they feel about the results.

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Get Everything in Writing

Before the pool project starts, make sure that everything that has been agreed on is in writing. Warranties, insurance coverage, and contracts should be mentioned in the agreement. It is important to read the agreement carefully to make sure that you will be obtaining what you want for the project.

Take Your Time to Decide

Do not rush on making decisions. It’s best to make some comparisons and obtain necessary information about the pool builder company as well as the contractor you want to hire. The right pool builder will be confident enough to give you some insights and will make the whole process easier for you.

Visit the Company’s Showroom

To see how accommodating the company is, you can visit the pool company’s office. Observe how professional and knowledgeable their staff is when it comes to building pools and assisting customers. If you see them handling concerns well, then they are the right fit for the pool project.

Carefully Read Every Document They Give You

Any writing from the pool company should be read carefully. All the information about the projects, insurance, and bonds are written on the agreement. So make sure to read them all carefully before signing them.

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Bottom Line

Building up a pool area is quite a demanding task but no doubt it’s worth it. As the process of creating a pool is deemed as a complex one, it should be divided into several steps. Not to get confused about what you need to do, we have prepared detailed guidelines to help you handle the project properly. And once you finish the construction, you can enjoy your brand-new spot by having fun with friends and family.

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