Svago Zero Gravity Recliner vs Svago Newton

The Svago Brand has been around for many years, with the company specializing in quality furnishing products. Their recliners are very popular and compete with other leading brands. If you’re not familiar with them, then you’ll love how they appear to implement features that aren’t always found in some of their competitors. Two of the best (and most renowned) are the Zero Gravity and Newton Recliners, each having great attributes that make them worth serious consideration for buying.

The information below will help you decide which is best for you, whereby features such as reclining ability, ease of assembly, and comfort are evaluated. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of the two products, along with the company itself. Let’s get started!

About the Svago Brand

Svago is a California-based furnishing company that specializes in making, as they call it, Zero Gravity Recliners. They’re a state of the art recliners that aren’t built the same as the typical recliners that you would see in a shopping mall or other furnishing store. They’re made with dense wooden frames, and give you the feeling of floating in the air immediately upon sitting down. It’s probably the reason why the company chose the name “Svago” in the first place, which means relaxation in the Italian language.

Why you should Choose Svago

Svago’s reclining chairs are made to mimic the design of NASA’s gravity-defying chair designs, to which you’ll feel no hint of your own body’s weight during sitting. This is made possible by the design itself, along with the fact that each recliner has outstanding padding along the chair’s base and back portions.

If you take a look at many of Svago’s designs, you’ll find that almost every chair comes with a backrest as well, for your neck to remain stabilized regardless of the incline you place the chair in. And because of their slimmer frame when compared to other recliners, getting your Svago setups after it arrives at your door is a breeze, possibly requiring little help for assembly.

Reviewing the Products

1. Svago Zero Gravity Recliner

The Svago Zero Gravity is a unique recliner that’s far from the traditional models you’ve seen before, at least in looks. The sleek, modern yet non-tack design is a great match with virtually any sort of interior decorations, whether it be modern or antiques. You’ll have it set up in no time at all. Take a closer look at it’s selling points to see if this model is a good fit for you.

About the Product

Going off the photos shown in the product’s description page, you’ll see that the recliner’s leather and armrest parts are bright white. The colors come out when one lets a little light into the room, whereby the chair appears to shine. There are remotes along the sides as well for you to control all reclining, massage, and heating functions. A large headrest is situated near the very top of the recliners, although this can be slightly adjusted to better accommodate taller individuals. Its legs, unlike the rest of the chair, are black-painted wood and very dense.

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Upon first glance in person, you’ll quickly discover that one of the better features of the Svago Zero Gravity is its ability to keep you from breaking a sweat during the assembly phase. When it arrives at your door, the only thing you must do to get it ready for sitting is to retract the backrest, inserting two small pins in the sides to finish. That’s it! Rarely does the consumer find a recliner that makes assembly so easy to manage, something that the disabled and senior citizens may find appealing.

Top Features

This recliner has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. While that’s not the highest you’ll find for a Svago chair, it’s more than adequate for the average consumer. It also has a small battery that you can use whenever there’s a power outage, or if you simply want to move it to an area that has no nearby wall outlets. When you’re sitting down, feel free to pull up the footrest or its back when you’re ready. It has massage capabilities that can hit all pressure points along the back and legs, facilitating good downtime that can put you at rest almost instantaneously.

What Others are Saying

Consumers loved out lightweight the build of the Svago Recliner is, along with its lengthy warranty that can last up to three years if extended. If not, the typical warranty is one year for maintenance and parts, and two years for parts replacement. If there’s anything about the recliner that could be changed, it would be the lack of color variations for this specific model.

However, the Svago brand does have different colors, including other models that look similar to this one. And don’t be surprised when the massage feature turns off abruptly when you’re resting. It’s set by default to stop running after 15 minutes.

What’s the Verdict?

Overall, the Svago Zero Gravity Recliner is an outstanding piece of furniture that you’ll have around for many years after being purchased. If you want something easy to manage, transportable, and can quickly get you into a resting position, this will surely be a hit in your home. Try it out and get ready to have a more relaxing rest in your living room, whenever you feel like it.

  • It fits most body weights and heights
  • 300-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Massage and automatic reclining options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can quickly relieve backaches and pains
  • It weighs approximately 100 pounds
  • Its warranty is up to three years
  • Difficult to find a non-white model
  • Massage and heating turn off in 15 min

2. Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner

The Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner has many of the same features as the previously reviewed piece that’s made from the same company, albeit several nuances and major variations. Of course, your eyes would probably be forced on how beautiful the wood and leather padding is, which looks great when combined with other wooden, antique, and leather furnishings. But boosting the look of your home is far from the only thing that Newton can help you achieve. Let’s look further.

About the Product

As stated, the design gives the recliner a very rustic look that screams comfort and relaxation. And since these are the primary reasons for people getting recliners in the first place, you’ll know that you’re in the right hands when you sit down on it for the first time. The two hydraulic pistons on the backrest and arms will help you quickly move the chair into the position of your choice, where you can then make your way to the remote and navigational buttons housed along the interior portion of the left armrest. Feel free to adjust the padding on the to the level that suits you best.

Svago Newton Zero Gravity Review

This Svago model is sold in three other color variations (a total of four), so there’s something for everyone here. But no matter which you choose, the leather’s quality will remain the same. Of course, you’ll have to do some spot cleaning with a good leather cleaner every once in a while, but nothing to the point of detailing the entire chair every month.

All buttons are easy to reach regardless of the reclining position that you’re in. It goes back until your body is almost completely horizontal, although your legs would sit up a little bit higher than the rest of your body. The position is almost similar to what one would find in some hospital beds, although much more comfortable.

Top Features

The massage feature on this Svago product is called Air Cell, so it can hit all areas where users experience the most pain. This includes the upper arms and shoulders, upper and lower back, upper legs, and neck area. Turn on the heat at the same time and you’ll get even faster pain relief. Like the other Svago recliner reviewed above, this model also turns off its heating and massaging features after 15 minutes is up.

While it might be a bit of a nuisance to some, you can turn it back up immediately when it goes off. But even with everything off, you’ll still find the Svago Newton a great way to get a quick nap in. There’s memory foam built into the cushioning, which doesn’t break or lose shapes regardless of the user’s weight. By the way, the maximum weight capacity for this chair is 400 pounds, which is 100 pounds higher than the other Svago Zero Gravity.

What Consumers are Saying

Those who have bought or used this chair before often rave about how easy the controls are to figure out, including the chair’s comfort level when it’s pulled back into a completely horizontal position. Even more loved how the massage and heating functions can be saved to only activate in areas where it’s needed, while the other pressure points remain inactive.

Some took the lack of any padding along with the armrests as an inconvenience. Most Svago chairs have no armrest padding but the dense wood does make it a bit easier by having something hard to brace on to when getting up from the chair. And do be sure to not sit down in the chair when wearing clothing with zippers or other hard, pointed objects. You could scratch up the wood and leather this way, something that might reduce the life of the recliner’s padding is done too many times.

What’s the Verdict?

Give the Svago Newton Zero Gravity a try if you want a better variety of colors and styles to pick. For people who have an interior decorative design that follows a theme of colors, the four-color options make it easier for you to pick a style that closely matches the rest of your living room’s furnishings.

The wooden armrests, although not padded, can help you get up quickly after sitting down while causing no pain in the process. The recliner doesn’t sit too low to the ground, either, something that taller users would find useful.

  • Doesn’t fade and/or discolor
  • Eases pain in the back very quickly
  • Easy to place back in an upright position
  • Contains memory foam inside of the leather
  • All buttons are inside that is easy to reach
  • Massage functions could be saved
  • Comes with a durable remote control
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Armrests have no padding
  • Leather and wood might be scratched

Buyer’s Guide

This section will cover important tips that you should take into consideration before deciding on either Svago product. By the time that you’re done, you’ll have a better idea of what you want, and a better understanding of how each product’s features align with your individual needs.

How to Choose the Best Recliner

When looking for a recliner, always take into account your ability to assemble and move around the chair when you’re not sitting down on it. If you’re familiar with ordinary recliner seats, you know that they can sometimes be extremely bulky and hard to manage. This along with the difficulties in getting them assembled, may resort to users needing assistance just to get the recliner up and ready to be sat upon.

For the elderly and disabled, this might be a huge inconvenience. Svago’s recliners have none of these problems, so consider them if your primary concern is a recliner’s ability to be easily put together.

Zero-Gravity Recliners as a Whole

Collectively, most zero-gravity recliners sold to consumers will allow them to turn the backrest and place their feet off the ground. Some models might not allow the footrest to be moved when this occurs. But once you’re in the air, the weightless feeling is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It’s almost similar to what one experiences when sitting on first-class seating on an international flight, which is very comforting.

anti gravity room

Proper Maintenance of your Zero-Gravity Recliner

Since both products shown in the reviews consist of leather and wood material, it’s highly recommended that you use a mild leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the material in good shape. That will prevent it from fading as time passes. Not everyone will have this problem, but keeping the exterior properly moisturized will free up dirt and grime from clogging up the pores.

For all other repairs, check to see that your Svago product is within the warranty date before inquiring to get it fixed. Be sure to never sit with keys in your pocket or place a jagged object on the armrests, to prevent scratching.

Massage and Heating Benefits

Some of the benefits of having massage and heating functions on a recliner include aided pain relief in areas where people experience marked aches the most, such as the upper and lower back.

Heat and vibration can lessen the tension of your muscles in these areas, which also aids in sleep and/or relaxation. It won’t cure chronic or severe pain but you will notice fewer instances of discomfort in your legs and back areas when sitting down on a Svago Recliner.


If you had to pick between the Svago Zero Gravity and the Newton, which one would you choose? That might not be an easy choice to make, considering they each have unique attributes that set them apart from other competing recliners. Both are similar in looks but maintain features such as massage and heating functions, along with the ability to retract to where the sitter is laying down with their back flat.

Weightlessness is simulated here, owing much to the name of both products. If that sounds like something you want in a recliner, then go with either of the two products listed and you won’t regret your buying choice.

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